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    Au revoir, Astrid... Yahoo! acquires popular tasks app


    Astrid, the popular task management app, has been acquired by Yahoo! and looks set to disappear from the Play Store.

    The move was announced on the Astrid blog, addressing 'Friends of Astrid'...

    We are thrilled to announce that we have been acquired by Yahoo!. When we set out to build Astrid, we sought to help as many people as possible become happier, healthier and more productive. We’re really excited to join the mobile team and continue this work with Yahoo!’s goal of “making the world’s daily habits more inspiring and entertaining.”

    The post goes on to explain that there will be no changes for 90 days, although premium subscriptions are no longer available. In addition 'To make future changes as easy as possible', they will be in touch with users shortly to share how to download data.

    With over 4 million downloads to date, Astrid was clearly popular (i've been a big fan in the past although I have now switched)... it'll be intriguing to see what Yahoo! do with the product.

    If you've previously purchased Astrid paid products, Yahoo! will be administering refunds to eligible users who have paid for annual subscriptions, Power-Pack and Locale Plugins (which have already been removed from the Play Store).

    Are you an Astrid user? Thoughts? What application are you planning to switch to?


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    I love how blog posts announcing acquisitions say how thrilled they are to be acquired. I'm sure they are, but users often aren't - especially when, like in this case, being given 90 days notice of something (being shut down? They don't really say).

    My usual reaction is to look for an alternative straight away unless I am sure that the product will continue.

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    Looks like another reason to move to Google Keep or Evernote.

    Astrid was a nice simple app for keeping lists synced between PC and phone / tablet using Google Tasks. I presume BoooooHissssss! will be linking it their own task lists somewhere (no idea if they have any, as I've not used Yahoo! in years).

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    What we need is a task management app that connects to something like dropbox or skydrive, this way all data will be saved and backed up

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    Aaaargh!!! I've just spent considerable time finding a task application which allows me to segregate Home and Work tasks. Then detail work tasks by project with sub-task. Which has a good web interface and a great android app with notifications/deferral etc.

    I'd looked at




    ToodleDo etc

    I'd finally settled on Astrid, as it was a close race with Any.Do, but Astrid had individual notifications in Android notification panel, rather than a scrolling list. PLUS Any.do wouldn't allow you to view individual task lists on their own, it insisted on scrolling back to the top each time.

    Just after migrating totally to Astrid they removed the Power Pack and explained it had all been integrated into the main app. Ooooh saving cash! Then the announcement.


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    So we won't be able to download the apps anymore? Will yahoo replace it with new apps or it's gone for good? I like the octopus icon.

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