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    BBC iPlayer updated with Jelly Bean compatability


    BBC have updated their iPlayer application to add compatability with Jelly Bean, as well as switching to the new 'BBC Media Player' utility rather than depending on Flash.

    While this is good news, everything is not as great as it seems - the BBC Media Player appears to use Adobe Air internally which is rendering it incompatible with some devices (Medfield based devices for instance) and while the application does work, only low quality streams seem to be available at the moment (despite the changelog claiming 'improved video performance').

    So... it's a start, but the BBC really do need to step up their game on Android. Still no high quality streams, still no option to download shows. :(

    Head on over to the Play Store to download the update.

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    The updated BBC iPlayer app still does not work on my Jelly Bean toting GEDified Motorola XOOM (4.1.2). Instead it simply acts as a browser shortcut and takes me to the mobile iPlayer website. From there I can play videos, which launch via the installed BBC Media Player, but as you said the streams are pretty low quality.

    It really is poor. Between the BBC and Sky I hear they are providing great apps for iOS, but both are falling way too short on Android. :(

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