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    Blinkbox Music offers free online radio in the UK


    Blinkbox Music - formerly known as WE7 and now owned by Tesco - is a stealth entrant to the free online radio market in the UK - and it's pretty excellent!

    I'm a big fan of the Blinkbox streaming movie service and while reinstalling it on my tablet today I happened to come across the music service.

    Available to download now from the Play Store, Blinkbox Music pulls content from a library of over 15 million tracks, offers thousands of stations based on artists, genre or theme and even includes the ability to download tracks for offline listening! You can fine tune your stations with the usual 'like / dislike' buttons.

    I'm generally pretty sceptical of online radio services and how good they are at actually finding content I like, but my daughter and I have been giving the service a proper workout this morning and it's fantastic. Even better, it's completely ad free too!

    Ready to give it a go? Download from the Play Store and let us know what you think! You can use it in your browser too at http://www.blinkboxmusic.com/.

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