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  • Did you pick up a Glamour Red HTC One? Keep us posted with how it fares.


    Did you pick up a Glamour Red HTC One from Phones4U? If so, we'd love you to keep us posted with how it fares.

    Why are we so interested you might ask? Well, the reason is this... we've had a lot of reports (including from our very own @Zarch1972) of chipping issues with the black model and we're concerned that the red model might suffer from the same affliction.

    For some reason HTC's coloured metal finishes just don't seem to be up to the task (the MAO on the One S was particularly troublesome although the grey/blue One S was much better)... we're living in hope that the red One stays glamorous... but you are our eyes and ears!

    I'm secretly tempted by one myself too you see... ;)


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    Just taken delivery of the "RED ONE" or should that be the "ONE RED"! Initial impressions are "its gorgeous". Fits firmly in the hand, with a fair bit of weight to it. The screen is bright, can easily view in the current strong sunlight; that's a huge improvement on the outgoing Samsung Galaxy Nexus.So far the only negative I have is the power switch; it requires a firm push to wake the display - need to look for a wakeup app I think! Just got to wait for the 4 days Phones4U impose before activation.

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    The HTC One I picked up today is the red version - looks much better in real life than it does in the photos. I'll keep you posted on how it goes with day-to-day usage.

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