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    Double the space in your 8GB Idol 3 4.7


    Alcatel's One Touch Idol 3 is a great phone, even in its 4.7", Snapdragon 410 powered guise. There's one problem though - while the international dual SIM version has 16GB storage, the single SIM UK model has only 8GB. Incredibly, enterprising users have discovered that the UK model actually has a 16GB memory chip, and can be converted, without even wiping your data (although the process isn't for the faint hearted). Amazing!

    Before the process, you have around 4.74GB of internal, which doesn't really cut it for today's Androids, even if you do have an microSD slot. Post conversion, you're left with a far more healthy total of 11.91GB storage. It's well worth the effort.

    Alcatel's latest OTA update removed some fastboot commands which makes the process more tricky, but doing it the 'hard way' gives you the option to do it without a wipe. Of course, you should back up your data first, but that goes without saying doesn't it!

    The process (which must be carried out on Windows) is as follows:

    • Download and install the Alcatel USB Drivers from this post
    • Download TWRP from this post
    • Download the modified partition map ('6039Y (repartitioned by following the repartitioning guide)') from this post
    • Download, install and run the QPST app from this post
    • Flash the new partition map / original bootloader with QPST using these instructions
    • Boot the device to TWRP using these instructions
    • Run JUST the resize commands from this post
    • profit

    Are you going to convert your device? Let us know how you get on (it all worked fine here, even using Parallels on a Mac for the process)

    idol3before.thumb.png.a79111f68a4bedd2fe idol3after.thumb.png.eab57da3a434796cd7d

    Edited by PaulOBrien

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    this is far too tempting :/

    the problem is Alcatel sent me the idol 3's, and although they said i can keep them, im not sure if i should do this :/ though this 8gb limit is whats stopping me enjoying this phone

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    Hello Paul,

    Why do you recommand using just the resize commands for the file system when petrov deletes existing partitions before recreating them with different sizes ?

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