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  • DriveDroid turns your Android phone into a, er, drive


    Throw away your USB sticks! Forget about Linux install CDs! Be ever-ready for any data transfer or OS installation need! Install DriveDroid. :)

    The premise behind DriveDroid is simple. It turns your phone into a USB drive. The application can either use an ISO file (e.g. to make a Linux boot CD - the application includes links to download these from the app itself) or you can create 'empty images' which effectively turn your device into a fully read-writable USB stick.

    I tested the application with both those different scenarios - I booted Ubuntu on my machine using only my phone and a microUSB cable and I plugged my phone into my Mac whereby it appeared as an empty USB drive (100MB, because that's the capacity I chose) and I was able to copy files to it, unplug, then plug back in and pull the files off. Awesome!

    The application is available in free (ad supported) and paid (80p) versions, although it's recommended that you download the free version to check compatability with your hardware before purchase.

    I tested using my HTC Butterfly - all good - let us know how you get on!


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    Can you view the files in those virtual drives on your phone? ie if you copy a video to the USB drive, could you play it in MX Player?

    Developer here. There isn't much use to do this, since you can already put videos on your SDcard as-is. However it should be possible to mount images on the phone too with the commandline, but not through DriveDroid (it's not the purpose of DriveDroid).

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