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    Dust off your Wii Fit balance board and connect it to your Android device


    Hey, you know that Wii Fit balance board you have under your sofa that your REALLY mean to use more often? Dust it off and connect it to your Android phone for a useful Internet connected scale.

    But how is this possible? In fact it's really easy thanks to an application called 'FitScales'. A free download from the Play Store, FitScales lets you weigh yourself using your Wii Fit balance board and automatically upload the results to either Fitbit or RunKeeper. Cool. :)

    You simply...

    • Install the app
    • Launch the app
    • Set your height etc. for BMI measurement and connect to your preferred services
    • Press the red sync button on your balance board
    • Stand off the board while it calibrates
    • Stand on the board and let it weigh you

    Easy eh? :)

    To check the accuracy I weighed myself on the board and then my Youw8 scales. As you can see below, exactly the same result. Impressive! :)


    Head on over to FitScales on the Play Store to get started.

    [Edit: It appears the application is NOT compatible with Android 4.2]



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    Fantastic ... well worth dusting it off for. Although I have some Withings Wifi scales, this is probably a better purchase for someone looking to sync their weight to fitness sites.

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    Had a search and found that this isn't compatible with my Nexus 4. =(

    Shame really, was looking forward to giving it a whirl.

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    Google broke/removed insecure L2CAP socket support in Android 4.2.x. Wiimotes and other Wii peripherals stopped working because of this. Tell Google to fix/restore this functionality.

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