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    Earn some free money (and great deals) with free SIMs and TopCashback


    How would you like to earn some free money as well as having some spare SIMs handy to access network specific offers? It's easy with TopCashback!

    TopCashback will pay you varying levels of cashback depending on which SIMs you order and as well as the free money, I find it really handy to have SIMs on each network simply because each is offering more and more 'customer only' deals - think Orange Movies, O2 Priority Moments etc.

    The current rates are as follows...

    • GiffGaff - £1.01 for SIM order, £4.04 on activation (£10)
    • Lyca Mobile - £0.70 for SIM order, 35.35% on activation
    • O2 - £5.05 on activation (£10, but gives access to Priority Moments)
    • Orange - None
    • T-Mobile - £7.07 on activation (£5)
    • Vodafone - £3.03 on activation (£10)

    That means you can earn at least £1.01 (GiffGaff) + 70p (Lyca) + £2.07 (T-Mobile) = £3.78, more if you activate the SIM (which will often give you a decent amount of minutes, texts and data).

    My favourite at the moment is O2's Priority Moments, there really are some great deals in there!


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    Have fun finding nothing tracks and you have to chase every purchase you make if you want to recieve the advertised cashback. :|

    You need to have your browser set up correctly for them to track properly.

    I've been paid by TCB in the past with no problems.

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    Cheers for the reminder about the priority moments, I've just signed a 2 year deal with o2 that I don't actually want and won't use cos its rubbish but it got me a bargain on the nexus 4, might recoup some more of the contract using this

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