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    Enable the Google Play Store on your Fire 7 2015 (plus: auto brightness!)


    Did you pick up a Kindle Fire 7 2015 for £34.99 in the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales? If so, then we have compiled some first-steps to carry out on your tablet, including installing the Play Store and enabling auto brightness.

    This post is a work in progress - I'm going to add additional tips as I explore the device!

    1. Enable USB debugging

    As with other Android devices, enabling USB debugging and hooking the device up to your computer is the gateway to doing cool things! To enable USB debugging, open 'Device Info' from the Settings menu and tap the serial number continuously to reveal the 'Developer Options' menu. In this menu, 'Enable ADB' if it is not already checked. The first time you attach the tablet to your computer you'll be prompted to accept the security key.


    2. Install the Play Store

    Contrary to popular belief, installing the Play Store on your Kindle Fire doesn't require root. You need to enable the 'Apps from Unknown Sources' option in the 'Security' section of the Settings menu, then use the built in Silk browser to download and install 4 APKs. First - Google Account Manager at http://mdc.gd/1-GAM. Next, Google Services Framework at http://mdc.gd/2-GSF. You need Google Play Services too, from http://mdc.gd/3-GPSv. Finally, the Play Store itself is at http://mdc.gd/4-GPSt. Easy! Fire up the Play Store and log in with your usual Google Account. Note that after your first reboot, the Play Store will be in 'Work' mode - this seems to be related to parental controls on the Fire. Don't worry, you should still be able to install whatever you need.

    fire7-ps1.png.b410acf685de6456e7137d8977 fire7-ps2.png.1f995ea8afcf5aff37c40a6f57

    3. Set up auto brightness

    You've probably noticed that the Kindle Fire 7 2015 doesn't have a light sensor on the front, which means no auto brightness. Boo. Now you've installed the Play Store however, there is another way - you can install Velis Auto Brightness, which enables auto brightness using the front facing camera!


    A note about root, offers and custom launchers

    The original version of this post was going to cover root, disabling offers and enabling a custom launcher. Sadly... Amazon updated the software to disable access to these hacks just before hit the button to post. Noooo! I'm still working on these things... watch this space!

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