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    EXCLUSIVE: More details on LG's forthcoming Nexus


    More details are starting to appear about the forthcoming LG Nexus device! Some of which are, well, rather shocking. :)

    Although it's still not known whether it will be the ONLY Nexus to get a release, various sources are starting to fill us in on the specs. So far, we've had confirmed...

    • The device is based on the Optimus G but doesn't look the same
    • Updated Android release (currently 4.2)
    • Quad Core Snapdragon S4 processor
    • 2GB RAM
    • 1280x768 True-HD IPS screen
    • On screen soft keys (of course)
    • 8 Megapixel Camera
    • No microSD slot
    • 8GB and 16GB versions only (at least initially)
    • Non-removable battery
    • Wireless charging built in
    • The retail name of the device is yet to be decided.

    Yup, you read that right... no microSD and max 16GB. Oh Google! :blink:

    Launch is targeted for mid-November, so there's plenty of time for more details to emerge. :) I'll be updating the post as we hear more so stay tuned!


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    I'm with most of the other commenters above.

    Having been a long HTC fan I specifically avoided the One X to get the SGS3 because of the mSD slot and removable battery.

    I now think I could live with a fixed storage of 32GB but I want that spare battery in my pocket in any device I have!

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    What happens in a non-removable battery situation when the phone crashes? I remember having to pull the battery from my HTC Desire a few times? I've currently got a 4S, which can be rebooted using home+power, but unsure how this works on android devices.

    I presume USB OTG will work on this phone making the storage less of an issue, but the fixed battery worries me.

    I presume its the same as tablets and a pc, so a long hold of the power button forces power off. Tbh I find that easier than removing the case and then cover to get at the battery.

    But something that's not been mentioned, 16gb and no SD, what are they doing :D

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    16gb and no MicroSD is a complete FAIL.

    Even worse there is an 8Gb model that's Complete Fail.

    If no other vendors (especially with the non removable battery) are announced for a Nexus Phone, I "MAY" skip this Nexus and stick to my "Much Loved" Galaxy Nexus and just update to the rumoured 4.2

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    See I fail to fill even 4gb of my android devices all my pictures and videos are uploaded to Google plus, so to me the 8gb model would be fantastic if the price is good.

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    My One X (which I sold, despite being in total love with it, due to poor battery life) had 30 GB filled with music, few HD F1 videos and a couple games. I cannot imagine 16 GB doing me any good and 8 GB is just a joke in 2012. I have a S3 now which is all good except that it looks hideous and the display is a downgrade from the One X. I so want to get a Nexus but what on earth is making them take these terrible decisions? The rest of this device is so brilliant, why kill it all with anemic storage? A sealed battery doesn't bother me as long as its around the 2100 MAh mark. I just need 12-14 hours out of it with medium usage.

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    a bit more rumor on the change in the nexus programme


    If this is right it sounds like google may be solving this little update problem they have. to sumarise they are suggesting the new "customisation centre" will be a place for custom skins and themes but google will still be in control, i'm guessing they will give a couple of weeks for manufacturers to supply there chosen skin or theme and if it's not delivered they will roll out vanilla android without it and the user ill need to wait for the manufacturer to catch up.

    If this is how it works it sounds like a great idea to me, will finally give us a choice of nexus phones but all have vanilla android as a choice and will get that updated regardless of overlays like touchwiz, lg ui 3.0 or sense.

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    *le rant begin*

    Wtf Google???

    No expandable storage = fail

    16gb storage = flop

    No removable battery = absolute fail

    I'm filling 35 out of 36gb on my SD card, (4 gameloft games and 1500 songs use a heck of a lot of storage)

    Google HAVE to realise that people DONT have data plans and have to pay tonnes for data. USB OTG is sooooooo impractical.

    Note to Google and LG:

    PLEASE add another 2 or 3 models

    -32gb model

    -64gb model

    -16/32gb SD card model

    And please add removable batteries :) you're turning into apple, no SD card, non removable batteries. WE LIKED ANDROID AND NEXUS PHONES WHEN THEY HAD STUFF APPLE DIDNT! No wonder you're getting sued...

    *le rant over*

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    Its not gonna initially be cheap.

    But good on you LG for going S4.

    Spec could be better, guess it depends on availability in store date.

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    For me the no Sd slot is understandable (if annoying) but I just don't get the low storage thing.

    It's not like internal flash memory is really expensive or anything.

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    Its not gonna initially be cheap.

    But good on you LG for going S4.

    Spec could be better, guess it depends on availability in store date.

    Here's hoping the o2x delays were down to nvidia and the tegra chip inside and this lgs way to peed their updates up a bit. Of course they won't say this as that is admitting there was ever a problem

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