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    Goodbye GetJar Gold, hello GetJar Rewards


    GetJar Gold is dead! Sort of. The GetJar scheme whereby paid applications were made available for download for a limited time free of charge has been replaced by GetJar Rewards, where you have to earn your free stuff!

    The new GetJar Rewards scheme effectively formalises the way in which GetJar Gold was funded all along - in order to get access to the premium content (which can be both apps and in app content), users now have to earn coins (slightly confusingly called GetJar Gold) by downloading free apps.

    In order to support GetJar Rewards currency in their application, developers need to use the GetJar Rewards SDK.

    At the time of writing the number of free apps available in the 'rewards' tab of the GetJar Rewards client is limited and lacking any real 'killer apps', but it is slowly growing.

    It'll be interesting to see how the concept matures and whether it can become successful. If you want to give it a try, download the GetJar Rewards application from the Google Play Store.

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