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  • How to install Pokemon Go for Android, without using a dodgy APK


    Pokemon Go is a super-cool game. The only problem is... it's geo-limited to the US at the moment, although only by download - if you CAN get it installed, it works in other places (such as the UK). So what do you do? Download and install an APK from [insert random site here]? That probably isn't a good idea... because you have no way of knowing if it has been tampered with. A version with malware embedded has already been found. A better option? Install from the Play Store! Here's how.

    Installing via the Play Store has a couple of benefits. Aside from the assurance of the apps integrity, it means you will also receive updates as the app is improved, something that won't happen if you just install from an APK. But hang on a minute... we said it was geo-limited at the moment? There's a workaround!

    Follow these steps and you'll be set.

    • On your device, in the settings -> accounts menu, add a new Google account.
    • Sign up with a @gmail address of your choice - this will only be used for your Pokemon Go (or other US Play Store app!) access.
    • Complete the signup process and the account will be added to your device
    • Ideally on a PC, visit https://wallet.google.com/manage/w/0/#settings - you will be prompted to select a country (select US!), enter a zip code (I hear 90210 is nice) and optionally set up a payment method (you don't need to do that, select the option for 'later').
    • On your device, download and install a VPN. I personally use VyprVPN from Goldenfrog (which has a free version), but anything with a US option should work. Connect the US VPN.
    • Open up the Play Store on your device, and switch to the new account.
    • Install Pokemon Go!
    • Disconnect VPN

    That's it, you should be set! If you are having problems, you can try the following:

    Post below if you have success (or need help), and enjoy the game!


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