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    Is this the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S III?


    Did Samsung actually show a snapshot of their next flagship phone without people noticing it? It certainly looks like it! Check out the photo below, or see the video from Samsung on youtube. The screen's rounded edges may hint that this is just an illustration of the phone, but it's likely that the next Galaxy S-phone will have at least some of these design aspects.

    The phone has the 'Galaxy look', the rectangular home button and the front facing camera beside the speaker.

    The specs of this new super phone has been rumored for some time now, and most of them seems to agree on...

    • 2GB of RAM biggrin.gif
    • 4.6" SAMOLED Plus HD 1280x720 screen biggrin.gif
    • 12 MP camera
    • 32GB storage
    • Android ICS

    The processor has been rumored as a Tegra 3, an Exynos dual core 1.8GHz and an Exynos dual 2GHz at various points (it's most likely an Exynos since that is Samsung's own chip). Either way the SGS3 will most certainly be a blazingly fast phone that will make a great impression on the smartphone sales of 2012.

    Source: TheTechlabs, Samsungs official youtube video and GSMArena

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    128*720? That's a pretty badly optimized screen for today. I think you left out a zero.

    And no quad-core? The new HTC phones will all come with the new S4 Snapdragon with quad-core, I hope Samsung won't kill their Galaxy series with such a waste...

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    Why would they need to go for a quad core A9 when a dual core A15 (which their new super exynos was announced to be) is superior?

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    Yeah, tegra 3 is quad core, but the next gen of exynos seems to be dual with 1.8-2GHz... But as Fysi says they most likely will be better because of the A15 used instead of the rather old A9. :)

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    Novek, I doubt Samsung will ever again use Tegra. The series 2 SoC of nVidia was clearly a backdraw, and even they added NEON support, etc, Qualcomm's chipset is superior.

    The new Exynos series might be good, but people will only see that "I get dual core for x$, while I get quad-core for x+-n$". It might reduce the sale of the S III, and also, so far, every new S was a milestone in core numbers. Justsayin'

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