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  • Kingston Wi-Drive - the solution to your storage woes?


    With the trend towards not including microSD slots on devices and paltry internal storage (8GB Nexus 7 anyone?), loading your device up with videos for a commute / journey seems to be a thing of the past. Is the Kingston Wi-Drive the answer?

    Maybe, just maybe... especially as it's reduced to £69.99 for a 64GB unit right now at Amazon.

    The idea of the Wi-Drive is pretty simple - available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities, it's best thought of as a flash drive with wireless bolted on and a big battery.

    Compatible with both Android and iOS devices, the Wi-Drive allows you to simultaneously share content with up to three devices. The integrated WiFi supports 802.11 g/n and the battery is good for four hours of use, i'm not sure whether you'd be best streaming from the device or copying and running locally to maximise that run time.

    The Wi-Drive can store any file type, but playback and viewing is of course based on the files that are supported by the device. The internal disk is formatted as FAT, so bear in mind that the maximum file size is limited to 4GB.

    Bridged network connection option: allows you to access the Internet while using Wi-Drive’s content**.

    You can learn more about the Wi-Drive at http://kingston.com/wi-drive and check out the Android app at the Play Store. If you're grabbing one or if you've already used one, let us know! :)


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    Why not just use a regular USB flash drive + an OTG cable + StickMount? It's definitely cheaper and less battery hungry... at least on the Android devices. iOS owners, good luck.

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    I purchased one with my Nexus 7. I do find the 4GB FAT limit a pain, and find I have to re-encode an awful lot of my films. During a 2hr flick I can expect the connection to drop 3 or 4 times, which is another hassle. Other than that it's a great little device to increase your storage, network bridging works well, although this has limited use as when I'm home I just use BS player which has a really good LAN mode for network shares.

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    For less you could have a MIFI (That you can add a 32GB SDcard to). And you can then get online without draining your phone battery.

    I might be interested in something like this if it had more functionality (Some of high capacity battery (Charge tablet from it) / expandable memory / 3G / otg to normal usb ports).

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