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    Looking for a super-cheap mobile deal? Check these out.


    If you are fortunate to not be tied to a contract with your phone provider (and really, nowadays I would recommend everyone extracts themselves from device related phone contracts), then there are some really cracking deals around at the moment. You can get a really quite respectable offer from only £5!

    Whether it's for yourself or for a family member, we've spotted some exception deals of late, on Carphone Warehouse's 'ID' network (which is a 3 MVNO) and Life Mobile, formerly of Phones4U and now an EE MVNO owned by EE.

    ID Mobile are currently offering a shock-proof or 'capped' plan (to avoid unexpected overage charges), with 250 minutes, 5000 texts, 1GB data and only 1 month commitment for only £5 a month. That's with 4G included too. Crazy eh?

    You can double your minutes for another £2 or double your data instead for £2.50 more... still great deals.


    But what if you don't have 3 coverage? Perhaps the Life Mobile deals (in association with uSwitch will suit you better). The only downside with Life Mobile is you don't get 4G. You get more of the other things though!

    How does 1500 minutes, unlimited texts and 1GB data, again on a 30 day commitment, sound for £6 a month? Pretty good right? Bumping the cost up to £10 a month will give you 3000 minutes and 3GB data. Mighty impressive.


    Mobile service cost have certainly come down of late... have you spotted an even better deal? Let us know in the comments!

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    I have or should say my granddaughter has that I manage and pay for on her behalf the £5 for 250 minutes + 5000 + 500 Mb from IDmobile for 3 months and it’s been fine. I change her sim when the Post Office network changed their deal from 250 minutes + 3000 text + 500Mb to 250 + 300 + 200Mb and lucky for me as she used 4000 texts last month.

    There have been many complaints on the net about IDmobile but I’ve found them OK and my only problem with them was not having itemised billing but one email to them and this was sorted within 2 hours.

    With the 12 months double data I missed out on that one and only get the 500Mb but I’ve noticed this deal comes and goes like a change in the weather and the double data deal comes up sometimes even just for a day.


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