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  • MediaTek MT6952 8 core CPUs arriving later this month, phones in Q4


    Riding a wave of very well received MT6589 and MT6589T quad core devices, MediaTek are set to release their MT6952 8 core CPUs later this month.

    Chinese device news site GizChina is reporting that contrary to earlier suggestions that it would be delayed while MediaTek work on their LTE enable SoC, the first 8 core CPUs will actually arrive later this month with devices set to ship late in Q4.

    The 28nm MT6592 chip will have 8 Cortex-A7 cores and will be clocked at up to 2Ghz! Performance - as you'd expect - is stellar, with early tests racking up 30,000 points in Antutu - more than Samsung's octa core Exynos 5410 processor.



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    Hi, when will you have the low down on your recent purchases of Chinese phones? I keep adding an iocean x7 elite to a shopping cart on a Chinese retailer but my confidence is just not up to the mark to enable me to hit that buy button!!

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    www.antelife.com - for a few reasons - 1.) gizchina had a $10 discount code listed for them in a post. 2.) it seems to be pretty professional and well priced (they listed the Elite as pre-order while a lot of sites acted as if they were in stock - when (a couple of weeks ago) the elite wasn't) and 3.) they had the black one for pre-order (my preference) - but that option seems to have gone now.

    I was going to wait for some more constructive reviews to come out.

    XDA has a couple of ROM threads - this being the most interesting (but its for the youth version): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2339460

    And a couple of reasonable youtube videos:

    - youth version

    - Elite version but in French! - he mentions the GPS but I can't speak French - he definitely mentions the GPS but doesn't test it, hhmmmmm!

    Look forward to your run down of the phone(s) and purchasing experience :-)

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    Just checked that French vid and he responded :-) "Hello, GPS doesn't work well it's necessary to modify GPS.conf but after modifications GPS work nice."

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    Another iocean x7 youth review - very comprehensive - again I can't understand a word but looks like out the box the GPS doesn't work, the wifi's a bit unreliable, it can't handle 1080p video that well and the screen has some sensitivity issues? But overall for the price it's pretty good??

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