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    MoDaCo Mobile Week ON AIR 1 (and 2 coming up)


    Edit: MoDaCo Mobile Week ON AIR 1 is now complete, you can view the recording on YouTube below! Get ready for our second show by clicking this event!

    As if James (@nortools) and I (@paulobrien) don't make fools of ourselves enough on our regular podcast, we figured we could go one step further by broadcasting live with a Google Hangout On Air. And give away some stuff to mask our shame. :)

    Just in case you are new here, we have a regular 'MoDaCo Mobile Week' show where we talk about what's happened since the last podcast in the mobile (and mostly Android) world. You can grab the podcast from this section directly, as well as listening to it in your browser or via RSS!

    Tomorrow's 'fun' kicks off at 8PM GMT and will also be available to listen to afterwards in the usual section, as well as on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

    To participate in the live broadcast - where we will also have a Q&A ongoing - visit this page on Google+ or use the embed below (after we've kicked off, obviously).

    We're finalising exactly what we'll be giving away live in the show (i.e. scrabbling around under out desks to see what we can find!), so you'll have to tune in to find out what's up for grabs. It's gonna be crazy.

    See you there! :)

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    Great hangout, thanks for answering my questions about the G2 & motoX. Thought I could nab that one you read out by rewinding the youtube afterwards, but someone got in there before me :/

    Maybe I'll win by posting here...

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    Nice 'cast gents. As a regular listener it was a neat experiment to see you both and worth while repeating especially if the topics are visual.


    PS. Can I have a Google Play Giftcard please!

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    Am I too late to say I would like to win the google play gift card!?!?


    Enjoyed the hangout last week. Away next week so I'll have to watch after it's recorded.

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