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    Nexus 10 MagNector review


    When companies take an age to get accessories out (i'm looking at you Samsung / Google)... third parties will step in. That's exactly what's happened in the case of the Nexus 10 with the MagNector, the first accessory (official or not) to use the magnetic pogo pins port on the bottom of the device.

    What is it?

    The standard method for charging the Nexus 10 is the microUSB connector on the top left of the device. This is fine, but on the bottom of the device there are also 6 'pogo pin' connectors flanked by magnets for use with an unidentified accessory of some sort (a Nexus 10 dock actually appeared in an Android festive video but has never been seen again). The MagNector is simply a 1.2m USB charging cable that uses this port.

    What are the benefits?

    The MagNector is certainly easier to connect to the device, avoids wear on the microUSB port and detaches in the event of somebody tripping over the cable... which is cool. In addition, the makers claim that the charging speed should be enhanced by approximately 25% (which is good as the N10 takes an AGE to charge!). It also has an 'over-voltage protection chip' built in apparently. It's also particularly useful for powering the device if you're using a USB stick in the microUSB port.

    Is it any good?

    Actually, I like it. It's very well made, clips easily and convincingly to the device and works even when my device is in its case. It's hard to tell if charging really is faster, but on the whole it does what it's designed to in a nice, stylish way.

    Is it worth the money?

    Good question. The MagNector is £15.99 + £3.99 delivery on Amazon, so a shade under £20 all in, which is a lot of money for a charging cable. I'd rather get a dock that uses the Pogo pins of course, but as the only option available at the moment, it might just be worth the outlay.



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