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    Prey On-Demand now available for free accounts


    Prey Anti-Theft, the open source, cross-platform anti-theft tracker, has been updated to allow on-demand triggering - tracking your device via a Google push message - using a free account, a feature that was previously only available to paid 'Pro' users.

    As well as bringing this key function to the masses, the change allows means that activation is now possible on Android tablets with no SMS support:

    If you’re an Android user, you know exactly what to do when your phone goes missing: pick up another phone and text “GO PREY” — or whatever trigger phrase you defined — to yours, so that Prey starts working its magic.

    But what happens when if it’s a tablet that doesn’t have a phone number or SMS support? Until now, the only other way was to upgrade to a Pro account so that you could use On-Demand, which instead of SMS relies on Google’s Push Notification service.

    Well, not any more.

    We want Prey to work exactly on every device, no matter if free or Pro. So, since On-Demand did the trick for SIM-less devices — allowing silent, remote activation — we decided that it was better to let everyone use On-Demand, rather than forcing them to switch to Pro.

    I must confess that I use Avast! for my theft tracking nowadays, but I have used Prey before on a number of platforms and it's pretty cool... it's especially useful if you'd prefer one central place to keep track of all your various devices.

    Head on over to the Play Store to download and let us know what you think!

    [Via: Prey Project blog]


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    I used to use Prey, but am now a convert to Cerberus (http://goo.gl/z3tm9). Lots of features & function and supposedly very well supported. I think the €2.99 for up to 5 devices is worth it, particularly in context of what it might save you.

    Plan B is also very good if you need to install a tracking app, after the phone has gone! HTH...

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    Unfortunately "Plan B" doesn't work on ICS or above.

    I tried it yesterday on my G300 running CM9 and it worked fine. Got my location down to 6 metres within my exact position when I was indoors.

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