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    Sonic the Hedgehog 1 speeds onto Android


    Sonic fans rejoice! The game that started it all is now available for your Android device! Utilising the Retro Engine created by Christian Whitehead, the game gives Android users a faithful reproduction of the legendary platform game.

    The app is very nicely polished with a cool intro sequence that leads into a special launcher complete with lovely 3D box art. The launcher also manages your save games so you can easily record your progress - something the original game never provided. The launcher has a few special settings which allow you to change the box art between Japanese, US and EU versions with the nice touch of changing the cartridge shape depending on the box art region. Sonic purists won't like the addition of 'Spin Dash' from later Sonic games but it can be toggled on or off and it does make the game a little easier for first time players.


    Extra features like time-trials and extra characters give players a bit more compared to the original experience. Now you can compete against your friends in Green Hill speedruns just like on GamesMaster back in the day!

    Visuals are original-styled. Blocky, colourful, retro. Those wanting a remastered experience would be better off with Sonic 4 but for those like me that grew up playing Sonic all those years ago then the original is the best.

    The app is priced at a respectable £2.35 on the Play Store which is well worth the money. The amount of work and polish that has gone in to this app makes it more than just a straight up port.

    Ready to play? Grab Sonic 1 on the Google Play Store!


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    Why the hell do they insist on the stupid reconning of Dr Robotnik's name.

    This looks good though, might get on on the N4 to play with sixaxis. Can't stand on-screen controls.

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