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    Sony Walkman Z, a dedicated Android media player!


    The Sony Walkman Z, which was rumored a while back has now been launched at CES. It runs Android 2.3, has wifi, bluetooth and features Sony's Clear Audio Technology and S-Master MX digital amplifier to balance noise levels and reduce distortion. It will have a battery time at 20 hours for music and 5 hours for video playback.

    The Walkman Z will provide the full Android experience, except telephony. Having Android as a platform gives the advantages of already developed games and apps, video playback features and so on. The Tegra 2 SoC also provides some extra gaming possibilities. This seems as a worthy competitor to the iPod touch.

    Key features:

    • Android 2.3
    • Tegra 2
    • xLOAD speakers
    • 4,3" LCD
    • 512MB RAM
    • HDMI out
    • DLNA-connectivity

    It will have a rumored price range of $250-$330 in the US depending on the storage size, 8-32GB.

    Soruce: SlashGear

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    Cannot trust anything made by Sony (Now the Ericsson partnership is over should be avoided at all costs.)

    see :


    Audio CD rootkits

    Warranty issues etc etc

    (I have an Xperia Play but I would never buy anything Sony again - cannot in good conscience do it).

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    @Unrandomsam if you owned a X10 or something I would understand. But I LOVE my Xperia Play. Great piece of kit that makes me want to learn to code in adroid and start looking into ROMs and everything.

    Sony seem to be doing loads better with updates etc and so I think they will grow in strength if they carry on. Personally I think its the only brand that could compete with Samsung and their galaxy ranges.

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    Can't wait for it. Have been a fan of sony walkmans for ages, simply because they sound so much better than ipods.

    If this keeps the audio quality that they have been known for, then i'm in!

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