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    The Mate 8 is your long lasting mobile companion


    The Mate 8 is your long lasting mobile companion - this article is sponsored content.

    Battery life – the scourge of modern mobile devices

    Our modern mobile devices are compact, powerful and, as we’ve already discussed in our previous articles, legitimate tools for getting work done when out of the office. There is one problem with a lot of today’s technology though – and that’s battery life. As the mobile industry pursues ever more powerful internals this is aligned to a push towards devices that are thinner than their predecessors. This is great for less demanding consumers, but for those who need their phone to have genuine all day battery life, it can be a problem. 

    But what if you could have a slim device AND a great battery? The Huawei Mate 8 has you covered.

    For a device’s battery life to be as optimised as possible, the hardware and the software need to work in tandem – this is where the Mate 8 delivers.


    The Mate 8 hardware is tuned for battery life

    There are a number of ways to boost battery life on an Android phone using hardware. Of course, you can put in a large battery (within the constraints of the form factor), you can use less demanding components such as the processor or you can put in a smaller screen. 

    The Mate 8 starts with brute force – it has a 4000mAh battery, larger than virtually every device in the market today, but still manages to fit it in a metal body less than 8mm thick. It’s impressive, but it doesn’t mean much if the other components don’t make the most of the increased capacity.

    Rather than including a slower processor to reduce power consumption, the Mate 8 includes a smarter one – it features the very latest Kirin 950 CPU with SmartPower technology. The Octa-Core CPU uses power efficient A72 cores which are optimised for minimal battery drain when carrying out less demanding tasks. The phone also includes an ultra low power i5 co-processor, which removes the need to use the main CPU for background tasks when the device is in a sleeping state. The result of this is that the Mate 8 uses less power for its core functions than even many low end devices. Clever.

    Huawei, of course, haven’t compromised on the Mate 8’s screen – the 6” IPS-NEO panel is big and beautiful. It’s also very bright – compared to other similar phones, the display can be used at a lower setting to get the same level of overall brightness, once again saving battery. The auto brightness functionality helps save power in dimly lit environments too.


    The Mate 8 software helps your battery last too

    The Huawei Mate 8 runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Emotion UI 4.0 on board. One of the key benefits of Marshmallow is improved battery management. The new ‘Doze’ functionality means that when your device is left on a flat surface, the Operating System will detect that it’s not being used and suspend most of the background tasks (push notifications can still be received). This makes a huge difference to battery life, particularly when the device is left on a surface such as a desk.

    In addition, Huawei’s Emotion UI on the Mate 8 allows much more granular control of which applications can run in the background than stock Android. With the included Phone Manager application, it’s also possible to limit which applications can run automatically on boot-up. One of the key benefits of Android is its versatile multi-tasking functionality, however it is also a big contributor to battery drain – EMUI helps you keep it under control.


    If you do manage to deplete your Mate 8 battery, Huawei’s cutting edge 9V/2A fast charging technology will allow you to fully charge your Mate 8 in just 2.5 hours. More crucially however, you can get a full day's use out of a 30-minute charge - perfect for when time is precious and power outlets are scarce. The Mate 8’s fast charging is compatible with all Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 certified chargers.


    You can learn more about the Huawei Mate 8 on the Mate 8 microsite.

    Edited by PaulOBrien

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