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  • Twitter finally cancels TweetDeck for Android (and, by association, TweakDeck)


    In an update posted on their Posterous page, TweetDeck have finally confirmed that TweetDeck for Android is being retired, along with TweetDeck AIR and TweetDeck for iPhone. By association, my TweakDeck application will also cease to function.

    The move, which is being made as part of an effort to 'focus development efforts on our modern, web-based versions of TweetDeck' comes at a time when Twitter as an organisation are pushing users to their primary clients as much as possible, as well as doing their best to stifle third party clients by limiting the number of users they can support and switching to a more restrictive API.

    In another move that cements their 'locked in' model, the web based TweetDeck application will cease to support Facebook integration.

    TweetDeck have stated that over the next two months users of TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone may experience some outages with those apps before they are removed from their respective app stores in early May.

    So how does this affect TweakDeck, my 'fixed up' TweetDeck client that has nearly half a million downloads in the Play Store? Unfortunately... it too is doomed. Firstly, switching from the TweetDeck credentials internally to my own development credentials is virtually impossible because the application uses XAuth for authentication, which is no longer available to developers. Secondly, it is based on API 1.0 and switching to API 1.1 would be a huge undertaking. Disappointing, but it's out of my hands unfortunately. :(

    From the whole TweetDeck team, we’re excited about what the future holds. We hope you are too.

    Umm... :(

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    Yeah, Android Plume Facebook integration is pretty okay.

    I'm actually more gutted the web/chrome version of Tweetdeck is going to lose Facebook.

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    Paul, any chance of open sourcing your version? I'm sad to see TweetDeck and TweakDeck go, and I'd be interested in swapping out the API and auth to be 1.1 compliant.

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    Oh! This is bad news. I'm using Tweakdeck all the time. Really don't like the native Twitter app. Which other alternatives to Tweakdeck with the same features are available? And what are the pros and cons? Thanks.

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    The thing Twe(et/ak)Deck does that I literally can't find another app that does, is actually continually updating 24/7 - as in, if you tell it to check a column every (say) three minutes, it will download and cache your tweets *every* three minutes, whatever else you're doing with your phone at the time.

    All the vast range of other apps I've tried only seem to update when they're in the foreground, though they'll notify you in the background if you have new replies etc.

    (It's particularly surprising to me how few apps even cache the tweets they have downloaded anyway - you'd think in a limited-download-allowance situation they'd want to cling to anything they'd already grabbed rather than redownloading all the tweets every time you load a List, for instance.)

    I really value the knowledge that all the tweets since I last looked are already sitting there in TweakDeck waiting for me to look at, regardless of connectivity at the point when I actually want to look at them. If anyone can point me to another app that does this, I'll be very grateful.

    (Longer version: all I want from a mobile Twitter client)

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    Tweakdeck was immense, I can't find anything else that comes near it and since it went down at 5pm last night I've tried






    Falcon Pro (struggling to get it working at the moment)

    with Tweakdeck I could have a column for someone's timeline without following them

    Exact time of tweet

    constantly looking for updates

    great notifications

    The contacts screen and list was really helpful

    there must be a solution to this and it's obvious I am not alone in my thinking

    ..and last of all thanks for the work you did on the app Paul it was much appreciated



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