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    Vodafone announces the commemorative 'Smart platinum 7' 2K AMOLED, 3GB/32GB @ £300


    Vodafone have today announced the 'Smart platinum 7', a premium flagship device commemorating 10 years of Vodafone branded devices (the first was the Vodafone 710 3G clamshell) and 85 million sales. The £300 Smart Platinum 7, available from the 20th June, offers Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, a Snapdragon 652 CPU, 5.5" 2K AMOLED screen, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM expandable via microSD, 16 Megapixel / f/2.0 camera with PDAF and a dedicated camera button, all powered by a 3000mAh battery with Quick Charge 3.0 support.

    Premium design as well as specs is the order of the day, with a metal body under 7mm thick, 2.5D gorilla glass and aircraft grade, diamond cut aluminium. It's actually quite a looker!

    As well as being available for £300 on Prepay, the device will be available on a £28 per month contract, which includes unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 1GB of UK data and 500MB of inclusive roaming allowance.

    Vodafone will also be selling their first VR headset as an accessory for the Smart platinum 7. The 260g 'Vodafone Smart VR headset' is said to be 'comfortable and lightweight (260 grams) to deliver a fully immersive VR experience', although it's not clear what technology the headset uses (likely Google Cardboard) and whether it will be compatible with Google Daydream going forward.

    If the new device can be as good at £300 as the Smart ultra 6 has been at £150, then we're in for a treat! We will of course be getting one in the office, so we'll let you know our thoughts in due course. We don't yet know if the device is OEM'd by ZTE like the ultra 6 (although it seems likely), we're digging around now and we'll let you know when we know more!


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    32 minutes ago, PaulOBrien said:

    Plus a fingerprint reader, minus the rear speakers!


    Yep and looks like it'll be cheaper to as well. Unfortunately it's still not cheap enough when compared to the like of UMI, Elephone, Vernee and the like. Really needs to be at the £200-250 price point to be a real success me thinks. 


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