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    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!


    And the winner is... here!


    How do you fancy getting your hands on the hottest piece of tech of the moment... the exciting RaspberryPi mini computer?

    If you've been following the device's birth, you'll know it's finally here but EXTREMELY hard to get hold of!

    I was lucky enough to snag a unit from the early deliveries... but rather than keeping it for myself (i've come to the sad realisation I don't actually have time to develop on it as i'd like to), I want to give it away to one of you lot. Really! :)

    Nothing complicated here... you simply need to follow a couple of Twitter accounts and retweet the competition... and optionally post a quick comment in this thread to get an extra chance!

    So, to enter, use the widget below...

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Easy eh? :)

    The competition closes at 12:01 EST on 13/05/12. :)

    The competition terms are as follows...

    • The competition is open to everyone worldwide!
    • The judge's decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.
    • The winner will receive a RaspberryPi, shipped globally. The recipient will be responsible for any incurred custom fees. The unit is brand new and contains only the main board itself.
    • The competition is open until 12:01 EST on 13/05/12.
    • The winner will be notified by e-mail.
    • If you enter and win, please don't stick it up on eBay. We're excited to learn about what you do with it, and hope you come back and share your experiences.
    • This is the first time we've run a competition via the third-party 'Rafflecopter' service. We're interested to hear how you find it!

    Thanks for being part of the MoDaCo community and GOOD LUCK! :)

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    My mobile is the ZTE Skate aka Orange Monte Carlo - That name just makes it sound cheap :P

    Random Fact - I'm currently working on taking the desktop out of a computer :P

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    I'm currently living in Sydney, an IT geek (a cool one I think!) and I'm currently using a Galaxy Nexus, though I took the day off and my new HTC One X arrived and is sitting at work waiting for me.. What luck! :(

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    I'm using an Xperia S as a phone. Random fact... I just got a Music Unlimited subscription and can even use it on my Sony TV.

    Opinion about Rafflecopter: I don't like it. It would be nice if the competition was just for visitors of your site. Now, forcing everyone to share it, will only invite people who never visit Modaco, to just visit it once for this competition, lowering the changes of your regulars winning.

    Other than that, I understand you would want more visitors and it's of course really nice you're holding this give-away in the first place!

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    I'm a Swedish Linux technician using one Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" and two Samsung Galaxy S2, one at work and one private one ;-)

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    I use a OMC and i have just followed the link2sd guide and now i have all the apps installed at once instead of having to remove some with titanium back to re-install another app


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    uhm, ok, Lens_flare, a Liquid Mt dev and subsequently owner :]

    want just something new and getting that mini pc would be great :D

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    Currently running A Galaxy S2 with Cyanogen9, TF101 stock apart from root. And still have my trusted Vega running.

    Also I really need to get around to changing my login name here.

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    I have just been looking at a Raspberry Pi as a way of fixing my WiFi photo frame which has a dead WiFi. One of these with a USB WiFi stick should be able to do everything the Photo Frame used to and more besides.

    And I use an Orange San Francisco and this site was brilliant at helping me to decide to get that too.

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