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    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!


    And the winner is... here!


    How do you fancy getting your hands on the hottest piece of tech of the moment... the exciting RaspberryPi mini computer?

    If you've been following the device's birth, you'll know it's finally here but EXTREMELY hard to get hold of!

    I was lucky enough to snag a unit from the early deliveries... but rather than keeping it for myself (i've come to the sad realisation I don't actually have time to develop on it as i'd like to), I want to give it away to one of you lot. Really! :)

    Nothing complicated here... you simply need to follow a couple of Twitter accounts and retweet the competition... and optionally post a quick comment in this thread to get an extra chance!

    So, to enter, use the widget below...

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Easy eh? :)

    The competition closes at 12:01 EST on 13/05/12. :)

    The competition terms are as follows...

    • The competition is open to everyone worldwide!
    • The judge's decision is final, no correspondence will be entered into.
    • The winner will receive a RaspberryPi, shipped globally. The recipient will be responsible for any incurred custom fees. The unit is brand new and contains only the main board itself.
    • The competition is open until 12:01 EST on 13/05/12.
    • The winner will be notified by e-mail.
    • If you enter and win, please don't stick it up on eBay. We're excited to learn about what you do with it, and hope you come back and share your experiences.
    • This is the first time we've run a competition via the third-party 'Rafflecopter' service. We're interested to hear how you find it!

    Thanks for being part of the MoDaCo community and GOOD LUCK! :)

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    I want this so baaaaaaaaad!!!!!

    I'd totally use it to compile my ROMs and post here and on MadTeam.

    Pleaaaaaaseee MoDaCo I like u!

    Oh! And I have the One X and a G5

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    Random fact... I'm so freakin predictable I can't even spell random!


    And I'm using a Galaxy Nexus... There's random for ya!

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    Why it is COOL?

    Beside learning programming, this little device has the power to become one of the most ubiquitous devices and to bring new level of our computing use.

    It is very cheap, very small, it is capable of displaying Full HD resolution videos without any problem, (look it as a better performance than iPhone 4S) it can be connected to the internet and all this means that we can have computers in every room for any purpose without worrying about related costs, electricity bills etc.

    By utilising this kind of devices, number of people using internet, social networks, etc. will grow drammaticaly and that means, more connectivity (for people), oppening of new niche markets, potential for development of new products of any kind etc.


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    Random fact: I may soon have more time from my full time programming job than I was planning.

    We Fear Change - Garth (Wayne's World)

    I have a Blade, a Sony Ericsson Live and a Skate (which I just got running ICS - sweet).

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    You guys are awesome for giving away some Pi :) gotta love tasty treats, I mean, Android does :D I'm gonna have to wait for them to ship over 180,000 and looking at a Sept/Oct date :( I really would love one of these things to develop on so I can actually be able to write knowledgeable articles on the device.

    Moto Bionic and I have a Nexus S laying around, but I'm not with Sprint any more so I just toy with it.

    Thanks guys!

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    yes, do want. mmm. pi(e).

    I can't believe you have a 'spare' one, you bastid :P

    Currently using a HTC Sensation.. This might change in the near future to a One series ;)

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