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    Which Marshmallow Fingerprint enabled apps are you using?


    While Marshmallow might not look that different to Lollipop, there are lots of useful changes under the hood, including full API support for Fingerprint readers, or 'Nexus Imprint' as it's called on the 5X and 6P. Apps with support for the feature are gradually trickling into the Play Store - here's a few we've spotted.


    The LastPass password and personal information manager is a perfect example of an app that is well suited to using a fingerprint reader. Lastpass allows you to lock your passwords in a secure vault, autofill web browser and app logins, and generate new, secure passwords.

    Safe In Cloud Password Manager

    Safe In Cloud Password Manager offers similar functionality to Lastpass.

    Enpass Password Manager

    Yet another password manager!

    Authenticator Plus

    Authenticator Plus is a one-time-password generator for generating 2 step auth passwords. As well as fingerprint support, it includes a number of advanced features such as only sync, Google Authenticator import and even an Android Wear app.


    The most secure messaging platform in town is now even more secure, courtesy of your fingerprint. The app itself is being very frequently updated and is up there with the best apps of its kind now.


    Do you have pictures on your device you don't want others to see? Don't worry, we won't judge. ;-) Focus allows you to protect tagged images with your fingerprint as part of it's premium in-app purchase. Fingerprint support aside, it's a great app anyway, so well worth a look.


    Many of the apps in the Play Store seem to support only Samsung fingerprint readers, indicating that perhaps they were released prior to Marshmallow. It remains to be seen whether the Samsung API will continue to be supported in Marshmallow, so perhaps we'll see these apps adding support soon!

    Which apps would you like to see with fingerprint support? Have you spotted any in the Play Store that we've missed?

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