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    Wondering what to do with NFC? Take a look at this ...

    Mark Dearlove

    So you have a nice shiny Galaxy Nexus with Near Field Technology built in. Have you ever used it for anything other than scanning everything you can find with a RFID tag in it?

    Luckily there are some very clever people over at Stanford's MobiSocial Computing Laboratory who have been looking at new and interesting ways to make use of NFC technology. The video below is a year old, but I think it shows the potential for the NFC technology.

    How would you like to play Poker against your mates using your phones as the controllers and having the whole game displayed on your TV? Well the Stanford guys can make that work!

    Maybe you want to instantly display photos stored on your phone onto your 50" TV. They have cracked that too.

    How about a collaboration session where a whiteboard is displayed on your TV and all the drawings/text are transmitted from your shiny Nexus? Yep, they have that covered too.

    They also show off streaming a netflix movie, and presenting a slideshow from their handset.

    This is the kind of innovation we are all waiting for - smartphones can become the hub of our digital lives. Give me an Asus Padfone with NFC inbuilt and this setup from the Stanford folks and I will be one happy man.

    The Stanford setup utilises their own 'Junction' platform that allows you to build applications that can span multiple devices. You can take a look at their Junction Demo here. Just open the same link up in multiple tabs in your browser and you will see that it works pretty well.

    If you fancy getting involved in developing NFC aware apps then take a look at this article.

    Source: MobiSocial Computing Laboratory via PocketNow

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