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    Words with Friends now ad free, at a price


    This might not be breaking news (in fact it's not)... but I just discovered it, so I thought i'd share it with you all!

    When Zynga's 'Words with Friends' game appeared on Android (it's NOT Scrabble, honest!), I was a big fan. Online play, multi platform but OH, those ads after EVERY SINGLE GO were so annoying. Ads in games are a fact of life, but if they are intrusive and the developer offers no paid alternative, then i'm out. And that's what happened to me with Words with Friends.

    Last week however I reinstalled the game to have a play and imagine my surprise when I found that ad removal is now supported via an in app purchase! The option, called 'No More Ads' costs 23 WWF credits, which equates to $2.99. Not the cheapest game in the Market, but not too bad either. I'm a happy camper. :)

    So if you've been holding off for the same reason, now is the time to return! Sadly the option does not seem to be in the tablet (Honeycomb upwards) version yet, nor is there an ad removal option for Hanging with Friends but, well, we can't have it all can we...?

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    I would find it very difficult to in good conscience use any Zynga product.

    The same negative affect Apple is having on the PC / Consumer Electronics markets is being caused by Zynga in traditional games markets.

    Even Facebook are more trustworthy than Zynga

    Don't see why people cannot release high quality games with a demo and no ad's (Few hours to see whether you like it - anything genuinely great will still make tons of money.)

    (Advantage of Zynga is it is easy to avoid anything of theirs - Really should be a seperate adware section of the Market).

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