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    XBMC 13 - Gotham - February cycle build released with Android enhancements


    The February cycle build of XBMC 13 - codenamed Gotham - is now available with additional Android features amongst the improvements.

    This first cycle includes a slew of Android improvements. For starters, XBMC now controls native Android audio, so users don’t have to close XBMC, turn the volume up, re-open XBMC, and finally listen to whatever they were listening to. Instead, the audio is controlled like any other Android app (thanks to mcrosson). Second, XBMC for Android is no longer stuck facing one direction. If you flip your Android device 180 degrees, XBMC will flip with it (thanks to montellese).

    Also added is an excellent new 'Play Using' feature to play content on a remote UPNP server (this might let me play video on my media link HD from the app?). For full details, head on over to the announcement on the XBMC site.

    Bear in mind this is a very early release, but as you can see, it's running pretty sweet on my One. :)


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    DTS and more hardware acceleration (More gpu's) are the most necessary things and more stability.

    (Most of the other stuff already has alternatives on Android that work well. Maybe afterwards).

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