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    ZTE Skate Designer Joe Gao Speaks Of Flowers And Lovers


    Joe Gao, designer of the MoDaCo loved ZTE Skate, recently chatted to a camera about the design philosophy behind the 4.3" screen Android handset. The video is now available to view on Youtube at our source link.

    Likening ZTE's products to flowers and customers to lovers, Joe Gao explains how he believes mobile phone design will be simplified as time goes by. He also stresses how mobile phones are becoming more important in fashion and trends, and how ZTE Design are working in that environment. Joe also tells us he has a long way to go before he catches up with Jonathan Ive (senior vice president of industrial design at Apple). We'll let you decide if this is an understatement or overstatement.

    The source link below takes you to the original Youtube video uploaded by ZTE Global. Warning: the video contains what seems to be tasteful 1980s elevator music, vignettes and deep philosophical statements which may or may not have been distorted in translation. Feel free to let us know if you are a lover happy with your flowers in the comments as well.

    Source: Youtube

    Forum Link: Skate.MoDaCo.com

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    I prefer my Skate to the iphone especially now I removed the orange logo and am running Ice Warrior III+ on it.

    Its a good design, though as far as design goes how much is design and how much dictated by component form and function?

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    Same here, ditched my Iphone for the Skate and never looked back :) it may be a budget phone, but it works as well or better than the Iphone...there's a lesson there

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