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    Google - PLEASE fix the next version of the Play Store!


    The Google Play Store nowadays is a veritable feast of content for your Android device. Well, I say content, for most outside the US it's apps with a sprinkling of films and books, but nonetheless there's a lot of things in there to download and play with now, which is great. What's not so great? The app itself - and there's some key things Google really need to fix, soon.

    Aside from the fairly momentous challenges around discovering new apps, there are 3 fundamental things in the current release that have me tearing my hair out. They are...

    Downloads stalling

    I think everyone has experienced this. You set one or more apps downloading in the Play Store, but the icon either doesn't appear in the notification bar, or appears then disappears. You go back into the Play Store and the item shows as 'downloading', but nothing is happening. Pretty much everything you try doesn't seem to make any difference, in fact the only solution is forcing the Play Store app to close then re-opening it, which will fix things for a while, but you'll have to repeat the process later when the same thing happens again. This has been a bug for SO long, but has yet to be fixed. I've experienced this on multiple devices, connections and accounts... it's incredibly infuriating.

    Lists scroll back to the top after viewing an item

    How frustrating is it when you're viewing a list of apps in the Play Store - be it your own apps or the 'top 500 free' - and when you've viewed an item and return back to the list, it puts you back at the top? You could be browing number 376 in the top 500, but when you've finished deciding whether to install, you have to scroll back down the first 375 again to get where you were. If you can remember where you were. Again, infuriating and surely a relatively easy fix?

    You can't see just the things that you've bought

    I've been using Android for many, many years now and i've bought a ton of apps. Can I see just the apps i've bought so I can reinstall them on a new device? No. I can see all apps i've installed, including the free ones, but not just the purchased ones. What's slightly ludicrous is that this used to be possible (by way of a 'not installed' section) in the Play Store - actually i've cryogenically frozen my own version of the Play Store ('Legacy Play Store') to keep this functionality alive - but why it was ever removed in the first place I can't really fathom.

    So those are my main Play Store annoyances, there are other more minor ones but if the above were to be fixed in a new release, i'd be a lot happier.

    It's not just me is it...?

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    What Paul said for points one and two. The ability to view old purchases is still there though without the legacy store, although it isn't very consitant. On my Nexus one I just go to the apps section of Play and there is a download icon in the top section next to the magnifying glass, on my HTC OneX I need to click on the menu button to get to the same place.

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    So basically google should just make new category (besides Installed apps and My apps) and name it My favorite apps in witch we could actually pick by hand apps we like the moust and put them in that category ...Something like Myst have apps that we alwayse install and use on our devices...

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    FIX something? Don't bother Google with such obvious and core necessities, when they're obviously FAR too busy rushing the next pointless project out of the door - pffft :-P

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