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  • Jolla - dare you join the tribe?


    Jolla, a company formed by ex Nokia employees, have today announced their new handset, priced at 399 Euros together with a pre-order campaign. Is it worth ordering? What will your pre-order entitle you to?

    It's rare to see smartphones and tablets outside the normal major operating systems, in 2000 there was the Pogo Mobile, an incredbile device for it's time that I actually owned. Shortly after this there was the Neonode, a device fondly remembered by some early MoDaCo members. There have also been some beautiful failures by Nokia - does anyone remember the 7700 and 7710?

    It's thanks to Nokia's previous work that Jolla today has been able to announce their new handset. Nokia produced the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet, the Nokia N800 (owned) and the Nokia N810. They then went on to produce the Nokia N900 and the Nokia N9 before jumping ship to WindowsPhone.

    Wikipedia has an excellent overview of the history of Jolla - Maemo, Meego, Intel's involvement, Ubuntu's involvement, Fedora's involvement and effectively where Jolla has sprung from.

    The pre-order options are as follows:

    • For 0 euros, you get a pre-order email.
    • For 40 euros, you get a T-Shirt and priority pre-order.
    • For 100 euros, you get 100 euros discount on your handset, priority pre-order, a Limited Edition 'Other Half cover' and a free T-Shirt.
      So, for 100 Euros, you get the same T-shirt that the 40 Euro pre-order gets, plus you also get the same priority pre-order and for the remaining 60 Euros you get a Limited Edition 'Other Half; cover and a 100 Euro discount voucher valid until June 2014.

      What's the catch? The catch is that there currently are no handsets available - Jolla are advising that the handsets will be available at the end of 2013.. and the mobile market moves fast. But, the discount vouchers are valid until June 2014, so Jolla currently have no guarantee that the devices will come to market on time.

      The device's currently known specifications:
      • Jolla original design with ample 4.5” Estrade display
      • Dual core and 4G**)
      • Keep it and share with 16GB + microSD
      • 8MP AF camera
      • User-replaceable battery
      • The Other Half
      • Gesture based Sailfish OS
      • Android™ app compliant
      • *) Expected availability by end of 2013 subject to demand in your local market. Sales will start in European countries with more countries to follow. If you join the Movement and get the pre-order number to buy the phone when available, you’ll pay no more than 399€; including applicable VAT in Europe, but excluding shipping costs, duties and any local taxes.

        **) Supported countries will be defined closer to shipment date.

        Interested? Head over to the Jolla website (and tell us why you're 'in'!).


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    Well I've joined the tribe. Put my credit card where my mouth is so-to-speak.

    I'm always commenting (both in conversation and online forums/article comment sections) that I feel many competitors makes for a healthy, thriving market so I've slapped down a €100 pre-order for a Jolla phone which I will (hopefully) get as a self-acquired Christmas present.

    Hoping for a life-changing experience, will settle for a pretty unique (amongst my friends and colleagues) smartphone with an 'Exclusive Other Half' plus the knowledge I'm backing up my typed words with affirmative action.

    Now we play the waiting game...

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