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    OneSocial aims to fix the broken social experience - you can help!


    Social is broken. Let me be more specific - Social on mobile is broken. Social on the web is broken.

    Let me define Social first. For the sake of simplicity, in this context i'm talking about what we broadly call 'social networks' - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Yammer etc. etc., but ultimately the scope goes far wider.

    If I look at how I interact with these social mediums, it's easy for me to see that there has to be a better way.

    On my phone, my main method of interaction is TweakDeck. This update-to-a-seemingly-abandoned-application gives me a decent Twitter experience, a so-so Facebook experience, a sub par Foursquare experience and not a lot else. But it is my central hub because it's probably the best of a bad lot. As well as using TweakDeck, I dive out into the Facebook application itself for some content, likewise with the Instagram and Foursquare apps but all of the other social networks i'd like to be part of effectively fall by the wayside simply because they're 'too much hassle'.

    On my tablet, pretty much the same applies, although the experience is further compromised because few of the social network apps provide a really good experience and, of course, there's no real awareness between devices of either what I've already read or what i'm more likely to be interested in on that medium.

    On my laptop / desktop (both Macs), the centre of my social world is YoruFukurou, simply because it's a great app for Twitter and that's my 'core' social network. I access the other social networks generally via the browser but infrequently. I simply don't have enough bandwidth in my brain to keep visiting all the various social properties and as a result I end up not participating in social networks that i'm actually quite interested to try. As with the tablet, there's no continuity between my mobile activities and what i'm doing on the desktop. The limited time I have to engage in social networks is severely compromised by inefficiencies.

    Beneath this core layer of inconvenience there are other levels of pain too. Different devices have varying levels of success when it comes to consuming the media contained within social network messages (pictures, videos, URLs etc.), only some of the consumption tools support my chosen 'read later' strategy (Pocket) and, incredibly for 'social' experiences, the actual management of the most important asset - people - is effectively non existent.

    OneSocial is going to fix this.

    OneSocial is a project headed by myself and co-founder Jason (a long time friend and business partner), that looks to revolutionise social initially on mobile but moving forward across all the mediums you use to manage your social life. We are currently designing, planning and prototyping the new product and talking to investors, but we are also looking for team members to help us realise our vision.

    Are you a developer or designer with a track record of producing top quality apps on Android? Are you an iOS or web developer looking to change the social landscape? Are you a frustrated user looking to contribute testing and feedback to help build the perfect social client? Then we want to hear from you.

    Please contact Jason using this form outlining why you think you'd be great in our OneSocial team and we'll be in touch. Vive la révolution! ;)

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    At the moment, Twitters official app has "promoted tweets"/adverts and facebook is just awful, seriously, one of the worst apps around, bloated, slow, unresponsive, I don't trust the notifications and it's just complete and utter cackpants. The Tumblr app is a bit meh, does a few things, but it's a bit rubbish.

    G+ actually has a very nice app, really like using it, bit slow on ye olde g300 though.

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    Is OneSocial just a social network aggregator then, Paul? It's an interesting idea but, as well as Nokia Social (as Ferrum Master said), doesn't Scope app already perform a similar function? There's also Life Is Better On / Libon for an aggregated phone address book.

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    There is no need for any more "social" (anti-social) networks. Please, give me a break - life is what is OUTSIDE digital networks; the world has been brainwashed, and is now deep in slumber.

    If you want to experience being sociable, meet your friends IN PERSON, not on yet another pointless site. If you can't manage to be there physically, use the phone (yes, that's right - phones also make PHONE CALLS!) ^_^ and failing that, Skype.


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