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  • After days of silence by Samsung, regarding reports by consumers of replacement Galaxy Note 7 exploding. Samsung has on the 11th of October 2016 released a statement addressing the issue. Samsung has stated that they will be asking all global partners to stop sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and requesting all clients of the device to power down their devices and stop using their devices with immediate effect. This is for all Galaxy Note 7 devices, including the replacement devices, which were thought to be safe.

    This year, like everyone else I looked forward to the Samsung Unpacked event in August. Why? Because they were going to announce the next Galaxy Note. Hours after the event reviewers and tech journalists praised the Galaxy Note 7 as the best Samsung device yet and highly recommended it. Who would have guessed that almost 2 months later they would be telling you to return it.

    This week on the 4th of October 2016, Google announced their Pixel phones line, Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL, putting to rest all the rumours floating around the web and confirming one rumour that most Google fans had been hoping wasn't true - the Nexus line was no more and the last Google Nexus phones would be the Google Nexus 5X and 6P. From here on it is the Pixel brand, "Made by Google".

    It's a little known fact that Huawei / Honor devices with Kirin processors support Quick Charge. Not Qualcomm Quick Charge you understand, but a Kirin specific variant. This means a specific charger is required, something that has always been incredibly hard to find. Happily, they are now available to purchase via eBay.

    Quick review: Xiaomi Redmi 3 Pro

    In Android,

    The original Redmi 3 is one of our favourite Xiaomi devices of all time. Cheap and well specified with an astonishingly good battery, it proved to be a formidable workhorse, as well as a great way to try out MIUI. Xiaomi have tweaked the formula with the new Redmi 3 Pro, but have they broken it or fine tuned it to perfection?

    So the Honor 8 is upon us and once again, the Huawei sub-brand has delivered a device which is incredibly desirable at an affordable price. Although the phone succeeds the Honor 7, the price has increased this time round to £370, perhaps partly indicative of the currency challenges of Brexit, but certainly a symptom of the elevation of the Honor flagship from wannabe premium to legitimate competitor to the likes of the Galaxy S7. Why would you pay more when you can pick up the Honor 8, the OnePlus 3, the Xiaomi Mi5 or a number of other alternate-brand flagships for under £400?

    When the Honor 5C launched recently, we liaised with Honor UK to ensure that enthusiasts resources would be available immediately on announcement and today, I am pleased to confirm we have done the same with the Honor 8 (FRD-L09). Immediately in the Honor forum, you can access the stock shipping ROM, a fully working TWRP build including decryption (which will be officially supported very soon), the stock ROM template for TWRP, stock Android and EMUI style MoDaCo custom ROMS and guides on how to bootloader and SIM unlock your Honor 8 (we have worked with dc-unlocker to ensure the Honor 8 is fully supported and also virtually unbrickable). A full, tested kernel source repository will be online very soon complete with kernel build instructions.

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