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    • I believe that Huawei's products have better quality.   Optical Sensors  
    • So does anybody still use their Pulse 10 years on? Or does anybody have any fond memories of the device that they would like to share?
    • Back in October 2009, T-Mobile released the very first pay-as-you-go Android smartphone in the UK priced at just £185. At this time this was big news since it enabled many consumers that were simply unable or unwilling to take out a contract to get their hands on a smartphone running the - at the time - new Android operating system from Google. Here at MoDaCo we credit the T-Mobile Pulse as being a kind of catalyst that started Android modding off in a big way. Whilst previous Android devices allowed users to tinker with the operating system and make changes, the high cost of the handsets meant that it was reserved really for the hardcore nerds and geeks of the world. The Pulse - a rebranded Huawei U8220 - put the world of Android into the hands of normal people who dipped their toes into the new and exciting world of Android and modding. Personally,  I have a lot to owe to this little device and the community here. I made a lot of new friends, I gained a lot of valuable skills which I use some of them with my day job (thanks to all the tools needing Linux back them), and it grow my interest in smartphones and technology in general. 10 years later I'm still a user of Huawei devices with a P30 Pro, although sadly the days of modding are long gone due to locked bootloaders. So it's a good time to say happy 10th birthday to the T-Mobile Pulse / Huawei U8220!
    • 180 if anyone interested. Amazing price for a camera of this quality
    • I have this ZTE Blade 3 Pro. I can turn on the phone and use it normally but its little bit slow. I can't enter recovery mode, when I hold volume up and power button android logo shows up and thats it.It gets stuck there. I am trying to install custom rom I found on internet, this one   Can anyone help me get this phone to work normally using this custom rom ?
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