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    MMW 79 - actually NOT sponsored by Xiaomi!


    James (@nortools) and I are proud to present the MoDaCo Mobile Week 79 - actually NOT sponsored by Xiaomi!

    ...sharing our views about the news in this week's mobile world!

    In this weeks ~1 hour podcast, converted from our live MoDaCo Mobile Week On Air broadcast, we're talking about...

    • Moments
    • James’ thoughts on the OnePlus One
    • Nvidia Shield Tablet
    • Xiaomi Mi4 + fitness band
    • MS + Apple results
    • Z3 leak
    • S5 Prime and G3 Prime are available in Korea RIGHT NOW
    • New look Play Store
    • Z2 Update

      You can get the podcast in the following ways:

      • Direct download from the downloads section of the site
      • Via iTunes (search for MoDaCo!)
      • Via RSS with enclosures - simply add the feed to the reader of your choice
      • Your feedback is really valuable and will tell us whether it is worth our while to continue running the podcasts! Do you listen? What do you like? What do you not like? Please leave your feedback in the comments below, you can also rate us on iTunes!

        You can now leave us voicemail messages for us to include in the podcast!

        Call us up on 01379 888206 (from inside the UK) or 0044 1379 888206 (from outside the UK) and we'll do our best to include your message / answer your question!


        Or download in MP3 format...

        As this podcast was broadcast 'On Air', you can also view the show via YouTube below.


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    haha, wondered how long it would take before you guys started going nuts about Xiaomi. I've always been a fan since I bought their first M1 phone back in 2011, but I think they have gone too far now with their apple cloning. What is odd is that unlike many chinese manufacturers who start as clone makers, xiaomi became a multi billion dollar company before they really started apple cloning. The mipad and the Mi4 being the most brazen clones to date. Prior to this they hadn't really made a phone or tablet that resembled an apple product although I suppose it could be argued that MIUI was always very apple inspired. But again with the introduction of V6 for miPad that's when we really started to see them aping iOS very closely. Now they have basically stolen apples whole marketing, language, presentation style, website style, Manufacturing process, brand ethos, etc etc. Very bizarre, I actually find it a shame that they felt they needed to do this, had expected something more original from them to be honest as they are a genuinely innovative company in my opinion.


    Despite their cloning they do still make quality low priced products. I'm still trying to figure out whether i can justify buying a mipad, the omission of GPS was slightly disappointing though and knowing xiaomi, despite the good reputation of MIUI, I bet the firmware is basically beta as with most xiaomi products when they launch. Wouldn't hold your breath for an android L update either as they are very slow with proper OS version updates. Mi2/2s owners are still stuck on 4.1 with not much hope despite the capable hardware.


    With regards to the One Plus, Mine does have the yellow banding, it pisses me off a bit but don't really want to attempt to return it as it's not really a major issue. As James mentioned, a fair few people on the forum have said it disappears over time, others have suggested putting it under UV light for a sustained period also alleviates the issue. With regards to the colours, cyanogen includes a useful screen settings app where you can adjust saturation, hue, contrast etc etc which is great and allows for deeper blacks.


    Also check out Andy from gizchina's Vivo Xshot review if you haven't already. A real chinese powerhouse...



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