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    The limits of Google’s openness


    It's not every day you find a blog post by David Howard, Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Litigation & Antitrust, Microsoft.

    Follow the link if you want a very interesting read.

    It boils down to Microsoft stating that Google asked for the Windows Phone YouTube app to be built with HTML5 code. Microsoft releasing a temporary App, and Google blocking it?

    It's an interesting read as it begs the question why are the Android and Apple apps not yet HTML5 compliant, that the existing WindowsPhone YouTube app is far inferior, and that Google are unhappy with the way the new WindowsPhone app works.

    Sadly comments are disabled if you follow the link, so please let us know below what you think of this, and where you think this will end up!

    [Via: Technet]

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    Possibly, but there is a pretty big body of evidence building up that Google just don't want anything to do with Microsoft and Windows phone. There is a complete lack of official google apps apart from a crappy search tool. They have blocked mobile IE from seeing google maps online before. They have made this youtube app into a total debacle. They completely block windows PC's and laptops from Google HQ unless by exemption citing security concerns, Google uses a custom rolled Ubuntu. They have publically stated they will not support Windows Phone citing resource issues, which is hard to believe looking at their stock figures. Personally, I just think that Google feels they are in a position where they do not rely on the old windows install base any more. People have to come to them now as they are dominant in so many fields and they are in a position to dictate terms, maybe they are right, but maybe it will bite them eventually.

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