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    Windows Phone 8 new features

    Mark Dearlove

    After a leaked video from Microsoft that was intended for Nokia, we now have an idea of some of the new features of Windows Phone 8. The video, viewed by PocketNow, shows Microsoft's Windows Phone Chief explaining what can be expected from the next release, codenamed 'Apollo'.

    Windows Phone 8 will now be using the same kernel as the full version of Windows 8, as well as the same security, video and graphics models. WP8 will also see expanded support for different screen resolutions - 4 in total. NFC, Skydrive, and BitLocker technologies will be a part of the standard build as will app-app communication capabilities.

    The DataSmart feature is designed to reduce data usage by automating switching between mobile data and wifi hotspots, as well as providing a tiled view of your current data usage. Additionally the WP8 browser will work in a similar way to Amazon's Silk browser, or Opera Mini. Your browsing sessions will be routed through proxies which will be able to compress the pages on the server side, reducing your data usage.

    It's still early days but we expect WP8 to be launching at the same time as Windows 8 itself which is scheduled for the end of 2012.

    Source: Pocketnow, Paul Thurrott

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