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  1. PaulOBrien

    MSN Messenger

    There is an overhead to just being connected, although I believe it is very small. If I take the plunge and buy the GPRS counter, i'll let you know exactly how much 8) P
  2. PaulOBrien

    Installing non-Orange software?

    I haven't tried this yet, but my contacts tell me this is the case. The microsoft root certificate has been removed from the final version, and all software that needs to be installed has to be signed with an Orange certificate. You can kinda understand why this is the case, but it is a nuisance, especially for developers. I'm hopeful that some way will be found to add new certificates to the SPV, thus allowing me to write software and actually test it on the device! In the meantime, the Orange co-branded Handango store is the place to get stuff from! P
  3. PaulOBrien

    GPRS disconnect on standby

    The correct answer is (2). The pre-release phones did indeed have scenario (1), but this was fixed by the development team in time for release! :D One of the main reasons for me buying an SPV was MSN Messenger, which I can definitely say STAYS CONNECTED when the screen goes off! P

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