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  1. Now trying to get the new update working with my old IPSM, but doesn't look good, if it doesn't work, I will switch back to my old version (glad I made a backup!) :) P
  2. Yep, looks like a no go because of the T9 problem :) Versions: Operator: Manufacturer: Microsoft: 3.0.13101.0 Language: File System: 3.0.13101.0 P
  3. Not looking good atm, can't get a T9 dictionary installed :) P
  4. Right, i'm on the bus, so a quick mobile update. - Latest release for HTC devices so far, will post versions later! - Very quick, very lean. No Action Engine software, no picture and sound manager, IA Album IS in ROM! - No T9 dictionary by default, seperate install for English and Arabic support. - FULLY WORKING SMS COUNTER! For me, this is definitely my update of choice atm. Fast, lean - none of the Action Engine stuff I don't use anyway, and great features - IA Album and a proper SMS counter at last! Now to install T9 - yes - i've written all this in multi-tap! :-) P
  5. Right, install done and i'm off home, will post an update later. First point to note: BOOT LOADER v1.07.4M which looks very similar to 0.99, except it has the 'SAVE IPSM' option BACK IN IT! P
  6. I'm currently installing this on my device... http://www.imate.com/imate/imate_arabic.asp But only the update part, not the arabic part. Results to be posted here shortly :) P
  7. For XDA or in General? Upgrades for most devices imminent I believe! P
  8. By downgrading the bootloader to 0.98 then using SIMLOCK.EXE P
  9. ...and although there are no major changes, i'm pretty impressed! Key differences i've noticed: - Apps install FAST! No more waiting 30 secs for installs to copy across :) - Cleartype enabled on ALL screens, looks very nice - Pocket IE is FAST! A massive improvement on the old version! - .NET Compact Framework has excellent performance, and is in ROM. Of course there is other stuff, like improved connection handling, native Bluetooth and WLan, but the above is what I have found nicest in one mornings worth of use! If this is a sign of what is to come with SmartPhone Next, then i'll be a happy dude ;) P
  10. Don't make me ban you :) P
  11. - I suspect that because you have MMS enabled, T-Mobile are sending the *@tmomail.net notifications as MMS. - The phone is alerted of an MMS by an SMS, and then yes, it retrieves it via GPRS. - There is currently no way to disable MMS completely (i.e. remove the MMS client) as it is in ROM. - EMS is quite different to MMS, I suspect T-Mobile DO support MMS. :) P
  12. Contrary to rumours, the SPV E-100 (a.k.a. Tanager) has not been delayed by Orange. The E-100 will be launched by Orange on the 7th July, and will hit stores in their deliveries next week, probably Wednesday / Friday. In preperation for the launch, the July 'Orange Magazine' includes the E-100, but makes no mention of the original SPV. P
  13. International texting is charged at the standard rate on O is it not? P
  14. There are no Orange specific buttons :) P PS I grew up in Crawley... in Gossops Green... small world!
  15. Here it is, the official response from the Orange Media Centre re: GPRS Charging. I challenged them regarding their future plans, and asked how they would respond to T-Mobile launching flat rate GPRS. Nothing we didn't know here! :)
  16. Nope, USB is not supported in any way in NT4. P
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