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  1. graurul94

    Battery max input

    Soo,my question is: what is the maximum power that the S500 could determine it wants to drain out of the charger with (hypothetical speaking ) unlimited amperage at 5V ?
  2. graurul94

    Battery max input

    I would charge my device at 2A anytime if I'm in a hurry and need a fast recharge of my device. I don't care so much about the battery life. I don't keep a phone long enough to feel the shortened life of the battery.
  3. graurul94

    Battery max input

    Hello everyone. I have one question. Which is the maximum amperage that the S500 could drain? I know every phone has a circuit and a battery limitation. For example Samsung S2 had a 650mAh limitation due to some safety issues. Soo the OEM AC charger outputs 1A at 5V. I have a battery charger that outputs 2.1A at 5V and it charges my phone a little faster. If I would have a 3A charger, the phone will drain all the 3Amps? We suppose that the phone is running on AC charging mode, to avoid USB 500mAh limitation. Any of the Google Play apps that shows battery input amperage doesn't seems to work on the Acer CM.
  4. graurul94

    Show ur Screenshots

    More acurate, I'm using Widgetlocker with SpaceDot Unlocker , Nova Launcher Prime with Stark icon pack , Xposed with XthemeEngine Lunar UI 2 . Still, pretty accurate guessing ! I'm still experiencing Xposed framework and still have a lot of work to do.
  5. graurul94

    Show ur Screenshots

  6. graurul94

    Show ur Screenshots

    Hello everyone! I started today some little tweeks for my s500. I have one question, how do you put those buttons for wifi/3g/bluetooth etc. in the notification panel? I managed to disable acer.shell and now I have a kitkat theme with a clean notification panel. I know about quick toggles, toggler and other aps like this. But I wanted to know if there is any module for xposed that can do that.

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