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  1. Hi, I've always followed Modaco for huwaei g300 cyanogenmod ROMs but for my Galaxy S2 what is the best site? I'm running cyanogenmod 10.2 but I can't find a good forum/site to query? thanks for the advice.
  2. AndyMac169, Now you've had the phone a while do you think it was a good purchase? Is it a good advance on the G300? Do you find it to be a large and heavy phone or are these qualities not an issue for you? thanks.
  3. Interesting reactions. Which I suppose if I'm honest is what I was interested to elicit. In spite of my ever so humble standing in the community I dared to speak out of turn. Perhaps I'm just being adult.
  4. I'm wondering if Kit-Kat will come to the G300. Clearly our developer here is a star. I read that there is no release date yet, but wonder if it be technically possible?
  5. I think the problem is still there. However, as with 10.1 if you press on the volume rocker then with your finger slide the volume to maximum you can then turn the volume down using the rocker. Weird, but true. I read this and tried it and found it works, but every time you install a new ROM the problem reinstates itself and you have to repeat the 'fix'. It's not a show stopper for me, but very irritating. I'm impressed with this ROM, albeit I'm a pretty passive user (I just use the basic functionality) so I would recommend it...
  6. Trying to update on dailies I read in CWM recovery that E:signature failed. If I attempt install what is described as an "untrusted zip" the installation aborts? Can anyone help?thanks.
  7. If I want to back out to 10.1 should this be strait forward? Do I need the older version of CMR (4.0???) I have tried re-installing 10.1 and 10.0 and the CyanogenMod logo just spins for ever. Thanks for any help.
  8. Having applied the latest update, there still seems to be the volume issue on outgoing calls. I am sure on the stock rom I could turn the volume on outgoing (or incoming) calls down to virtually nil. Is this issue, which is fairly fundamental to the phone, a tough one to crack? Because it seems to have persisted for a long time through successive upgrades. It goes without saying that I am a fan of this project, but this lack of volume control on calls is quite a nag.
  9. I've had to back out of 10.1 and go back to 10.0 because of the call volume. Incoming calls are acceptable but for outgoing calls the volume is unbearably loud and the volume rocker has no effect. I cannot turn down the call. Am I alone with this problem or is there an easy fix?
  10. I have the same issue with the 10.1 ROM: call volume is at Max and cannot be turned down.
  11. Rob, I followed this link, downloaded and executed the file, but i get "FM radio is loading, please wait..." This is the same result as the prior version I had installed. Odd? Edit: correction. Uninstalling then Installing fixed it. Thanks.
  12. Interesting Merchan. I will try out your min setting...
  13. Overclocking? I find this ROM amazing. Very fast. Issues? None for me, that I haven't already seen documented here. The odd freezing with the browser and lack of an FM phone (FM radio version 2.1 doesn't work for me.) Wishes: Can anyone provide some guidance as to appropriate over clocking settings? Which CPU governor (and maybe why?) etc... Love the CM wallpapers (the visual component is very important to me,) but then I find the standard google icons a bit childlike set against a subtle or artistic wallpaper. I'd love some inspired icons. Like oriental. Use of gold. Something arabic in flavor. Great ROM.
  14. I installed the ROM and apps, but found the phone would not 'sleep' properly. There was slight backlight running after the screen was switched off. Not criticism, just feedback. Very impressed. Apologies if in the preceding 81 pages this has already been posted.
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