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  1. Will the backup function create backup of the application as well as data? If we brick the phone, can we bring it back up with stock rom and then restore to get both apps and data?
  2. Hi folks, I recently purchased a XOLO X900 and I used Ricky's AIO tool to update to ICS, root, and enable SD card. I created Contact widgets on the home screen. But every time I reboot my phone, the contact widgets from the home screen disappear. I had a HTC Sense Desktop Clock widget on another homescreen but that does not disappear after reboot. I did a factory reset and brought the system back up again. The problem remain. What could be the reason for this? Can someone try this on your XOLO ICS and let me know? Thanks, Ram
  3. Hi Ricky, I tried it. Doesn't work. In fact, even fix brick doesn't work. It says Installing package - aborted. I am having manually flash the ics XOLO all over again. What am I missing?
  4. And after brick fix phone is done, will the resulting version be deodexed?
  5. Hi Ricky, What is expected to happen if I do that? (I suppose you are asking me to use AIO and choose option 1). Won't it go back to GB?
  6. Made sure of all of that. Still stuck at the XOLO logo :( Any other tips?
  7. BlueMoonRising - I think you didn't see my edit. It was option 9 and not option 8 that I did.
  8. BlueMoonRising - Any idea why this is happening? What am I doing wrong?
  9. Can someone help me with the order in which things need to be done with ricky's tool? The following is what I did: 1. Installed XOLO ICS (this didnt work for some reason through tool. I copied the update.zip to the phone memory and after the tool based install failed, I flashed the update.zip using the recovery console) 2. Copied ADB-Insecure.apk to the phone memory and installed it and changed the necessary settings in it 3. AIO tool -> option 7 -> Root 4. AIO tool -> Option 8 5. AIO -> Option 17 -> This is bricking the phone. Stuck at XOLO logo. I tried this multiple times. So I go back to step 1 again. Am I doing something wrong? Should I deodex earlier? Please help. Edit: Step 4 is choosing option 9. Sorry, my bad.
  10. itzram

    OSD and windows

    The HP ElitePad 900 which is a tablet running Windows 8 runs on the ATOM processors (the next version to Medfield)
  11. itzram

    OSD and windows

    Guys, What about dual-booting with Windows 7.5/7.8 ? Of course, feasibility when the bootloader is unlocked finally.
  12. Guys, I purchased a XOLO X900 today and should get it in about 2 days. I wanted to know about the battery life and screen quality. Can you guys comment on that? Cheers

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