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  1. I downloaded volume plus today and ramped the voume up to the max 20 setting. It didn't get much louder though and the sound quality was terrible. Is there two speakers on these phones cos I'm thinking now that maybe one of them is deactivated or damaged.
  2. IWTK

    Best keyboard?

    I use swiftkey4 and I'm trying to get used to using Flow. I love it, but it often enters a wrong word which is frustrating.
  3. Yeah, I know about CWM's. SO just download the new Kernal and put it on via CWM. I'll try that out. This is wreckign my head now!
  4. Changing kernals sounds like it's outside of my level of knowlegde although I'm sure google could help me. What does that do? I don't think it's an issue with the roms though (can't be certain) as it was working perfectly for ages since september with lots of roms, and I was on infusion for a few weeks before it happened.and since then moved to CM again.
  5. OK, a funny problem and I don't think i asked about it here before. A few weeks ago the sound dropped on my G300. Ringtones are barely audible, music played at a low rate, message tones, alarms, everything except call volume unless it's on loudspeaker. I have it rooted so no point going back to the shop, but I have changed ROM since it happened to see if it was a software issue and it doesn't seem to be. I'm now on CM10.1 JB and was on Infusion ICS when the fault first occured.
  6. Scratch that. I'm an idiot. I had my phone set up wrong. I mixed up the tones for call and message when I was setting them last. So when I got a text I was getting my ringtone for a call. The texts I got happened to be missed calls from earlier because I didn't hear them with the short message ringtone.
  7. It's never happened to me before this weekend though and I've been using infusion for ages. I'll try that patch but I really doubt that it's the reason. Thanks for the reply though!!!!!!
  8. Hey dudes. I know it's a huge thread and it might have been mentioned, but I'm under a bit of a time constraint. Did anyone come across a situation when you have an incoming call and the phone rings but the screen stays switched off. I can unlock my screen but it's just as if there is no call and no option to answer. Even if I open the phone app it still doesn't work. I then get a missed call notification and text message. Thanks!!
  9. Yeah, that's the case with any other ROM so I expect it to be no different here.
  10. Cheers. I wasn't aware that Titanium caused problems. I actually managed to get away with doing a battery pull and going into CWM and wiping cache/dalvik/userdata. I still had to manually install all the apps again, but it's better than having a brick. Also, I'm loving the ROM. some of my favourite apps are working again!!! Thanks!
  11. Hi Tillaz. Thanks for the ROM!! I've just done a complete full install coming from CM 10.1. I has been using Titanium, so I downloaded it again from the market. It then told me that the Rom wasn't rooted so I re-rooted so I could install my apps. After I installed all my apps and settings (some didn't work I guess it's an ICS/JB issue) Titanium recomended a reboot. I carried out the reboot, but now I'm stuck in the infusion logo half way through the boot. Please tell me I've not made a brick from my baby! Thanks for all advice and help in advance!!!!
  12. This is wrecking my head. At first I was blaming the ROM's as my wifes phone on stock doesn't have the same problem but I don't think it is cos it's happened with CM10 too. Anyone find a solution yet?
  13. How oten are you getting it? I'm having it several times a day. OK with an outgoing call as I know about it and just reboot the phone, but I miss loads of calls and am late getting texts as a result. The wife has the same phone and she has no worries so it's not the area we are in or anything like that.
  14. I'm still having problems with the phone losing cell signal regularly. Seems to happon pretty randomly and none of the fault logs in the thread seem to mention it. The only fix is to restart the phone pretty much every time I want to make a call which as you can imaging is a ball ache! Anyone else suffering this fault? I'm at the point now where I'm wondering is it a handset issue rather than a rom one!!
  15. Have you carried out the R2 update yet?

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