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  1. trics

    Kernel with USB Host anyone?

    Interested as well! According to http://usbhost.chainfire.eu/ our device does not have USB Host mode enabled. :( Maybe someone here can crack it. Cheers.
  2. trics

    Update for S500 ORGROD

    Hello, Has anyone received an error when updating to JB? I get the following message: Invalid update: The system update is invalid and has been canceled. I have no root, clean and fresh factory settings. I was able to update to the previous 4.0.4 with the exact same settings. I have not deactivated any apps. I tried over 20 times so far... could it be that this JB update does not address my device? Anyone else had this issue? Thanx.
  3. trics

    wi-fi issues

    Hello. I have the same issue as bilbao1. Is there anything we can do about the /persist partition? (we are dumb, we know...) [solved] Reflashed the correct stock and I'm back in business.
  4. Anyone tried it yet? Post your experience here (any issues as well)
  5. trics

    Root CloudMobile

    Hi all, It finally worked rooting my Acer, just redid the root about 30 times and it works now. @vache, I guess for now the only way to gain RW acces to the system is by ADB, right? Great job all, keep this forum alive! :wub:
  6. trics

    Root CloudMobile

    Hi all, Thank you for the root tutorial for Acer. Unfortunately I did not manage to get proper root privileges on my Acer Cloudmobile S500. I've followed your steps to the letter and the process was successfully completed, superuser asks me to allow or deny access to some apps. The only problem is that it does not work properly. Even if I allow apps in SU, they cannot get proper root access to work. (Ex: ES File Explorer, Directory Bind, GL to SD, etc) Any ideas? Thank you.

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