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  1. I've enabled ART in Developer settings, and it seems to be working fine. But in the first post stated than ART in not working. What exactly is wrong with it?
  2. go to system>build.prop open the file and at the last line add this command "qemu.hw.mainkeys=1" u'll need to reboot the phone for the changes to appear after saving it.
  3. Good news. MIUI sources are opened https://github.com/MiCode/mi2_kernel
  4. I faced again with the same MMS send/recieve problem as in CM 10.1. I have two default APNs for MMS and GPRS set like this: apn carrier="Kyivstar EDGE" mcc="255" mnc="03" apn="www.kyivstar.net" type="default,supl" apn carrier="Ace_Base MMS" mcc="255" mnc="03" apn="mms.kyivstar.net" user="mms" password="mms" mmsc="http://mms.kyivstar.net" mmsproxy="" mmsport="8080" type="mms" Both APNs are correctly set. GPRS is working fine. But all new MMS is always in sending.. state. I can send/recieve MMS only when I turn off GPRS in settings. I've tried change APN types, tried merge into one APN, but with no luck. Maybe someone knows how to fix this?
  5. Maybe i missed something but I just can't find option to display letters in dialer for my native language (Russian). Even for English contacts T9 in dialer just don't work? Do I have to install a third party dialer or maybe there is some option I missed?
  6. Wow. Yet another final release :wub: . You just can't stop surprising this community. Great job. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Once again, thanks KonstaT for the ROM! Have the same problem as yashin. I have 2 APNs in my settings. One for Mobile Data and another for MMS. If I delete any of them the other one is working properly. But when I leave both of them I cant send/recieve MMS. Only disabling mobile data can make MMS sending/recieving work. It looks like MMS.apk is using wrong APN to access MMS service. Does it worth trying to use MMS.apk from different ROM to solve this issue?
  8. Unzip. Open apk\latinIME.apk with ZIP. Remove unneeded dictionaries. Pack everything back and flash.
  9. I had the same problem with MMS sending and I managed to fix this bug for me. In my case the problem was in having 2 APNs instead of one. One APN was for GPRS and the other one for MMS. But when I merged them into one APN and deleted the second, MMS started to work fine through GPRS. :) P.S. In other ROMs it was OK to have 2 separate APNs, but In this ROM you must have only one APN.
  10. I have lots of small files on sd card and I have to wait a minute or two for sd card to be visible on my PC.
  11. Indeed. I confirm that disabled camera widget on lockscreen. Now I reenabled it and camera is working again. :)
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