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  1. Hello! I just installed update B198, but now I cant set any themes and my SystemUI dont have notification settings. I tried to reinstall this update and reboot it a few times. but still nothing. Can you please help me? Is there any repair update or I just have these feautres? I have G510-0100. Thanks in advance.
  2. maybe... you have to wait, it's not easy and I think Kyan31 or any developer still prefer personal life :)
  3. That is "screen-off animation", I dont know if there is option to disable it (using Nightly from 23.12, if you want to disable it you need to modify framework-res.apk), but try to look in "Interface" in Settings.apk :)
  4. Settings -> Buttons -> Power menu -> and click on Screenshot
  5. If you are using linux, try to add "sudo" before the rest of comand dont know what to do on Windows/Mac :(
  6. It's not about I dont want to do it, but school is more important, I have a job and my heart is not good, so I dont have time for this :( Anyway, updates should be uploaded and *.zip files should be good too, maybe I'll upload fix for launcher, speeded up SystemUI and some new wallpapers in near time, if anyone want...
  7. Ok, I'll try my best, but with internet connection where upload speed is 5KB/s... :D
  8. Working at Trico s.r.o, it's awesome and I can pay my bills (btw, 17 y'old IT student)

  9. I have birthday.... f*cking yay.....

  10. Firstly: Big thank to every Sora OS user! :) Also, I must say thanks you to every developer who helped with Sora OS, it is tillaz, Dazzozo and kyan31. I must say thank you to my friends, too. It is HonzisCZ, Regent and xxYoshixx. Secondly: Due to lack of time, Sora OS is discontinued. I don't have time for developing, because I have school, good job and some health problems (guess I need new drivers :D). And the rest of time I want give to my family and friends (even it's only one day per week). Sora OS .zip files will be available for download, but I dont know how long. I am not leaving this forum, I will develop some mods for others developers (like "Scrolling cache mod" for Paulzie, if any of you developers need help or want some mods for yours rom, just pm me ;) For everyone who want to start developing: If you want, you can continue in my work, just PM me on this forum, or on Twitter or GPlus. Do the same thing if you want my tweaks or mods. If anyone want, I can upload beta-2 build-6C, just to show how long we went :) (for ex.: new iOS-like animations) PS: excuse my english :)
  11. Sora OS is discontinued due to lack of time.... sorry

  12. error on forum #3 MODs, I am not spamming, this is an error of this website, not mine, please delete this post
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