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  1. i have cm10.2, can i downgrade to cm9.1 without worries
  2. i have a question that bravia engine 2 really makes any diference?
  3. i think that ive fix it...it wont be nessecary any log...thanks anyway and by the way:AWESOME ROM man!!!!!!!!!
  4. when I want to send a sms have to click several times on the icon of the messages because this always end the application maybe a bug
  5. i have a small question...this rom have pt-pt or pt-br language
  6. help please!!!!!!i cant fash my ascend g300...anyone acn please give me a full tutorial to flash it
  7. can anyone help me please is an ugercy!! my ascend g300 dont launch....when i press the power botton gets stuck on huawei logo.....maybe because ive tryed restore the 2.3.6 rom with cmw backup and while its was recovering the phone shuts down and when i tried to launch gets stuck...i dont know what to do

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