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  1. I asked for a stage freight patch but what I got was a totally awesome Rom Looks great, works like a charm and very happy with the latest build. Even though its having minor bugs here and there; I'm really happy with the new ROM. Thank You Chil360 !!!
  2. Any fix for Stagefright bug for this rom would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Viber is working again, Yesterday I updated viber from play store version is working. Sorry if I caused any alarms.
  4. Viber is not working on 8.8 too. I reinstalled 8.8 and a older version of viber that was working perfectly well and I got the same problem. Only thing different is that I used the latest gapps, I'm wondering wether the problem is in gapps and not with slimkat? Any feedback would be grate.
  5. Last version I was on Slimkat 8.10 Viber worked really well (Apart from Video). I do not know what changed but Viber seems to not load on Slimkat 8.14, also note I did the usual wipes in advance settings (except external sd) before installing the latest version.
  6. SlimKat 8.14 - Appart from viber crashing and not even loading everything else is very good. I get good battery life and a very smooth rom. Thanks chil360, I very much appreciate your hard work.
  7. Hi All, I have an issue with kitkat sdcard not detecting my Whatsapp backup files due to it being stored in SDCard. After reading features of KITKAT I came across that google has restricted apps writing into the SDCard as a new KITKAT Feature. I need my sdcard because I get a lot of images and videos through whats app and I'm unable tore them in the limited internal flash memory. After googling i came across this " [APP][4.4][ROOT] SDFix: Modify device permissions to allow apps to write to MicroSD" Link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2684188 As per developer "tliebeck", he has created a fix for stock based KITKAT devices, and says this is already available in many of the custom roms. My question is - Is the said fix available in Slimkat? - if so how do i make all my app access my SDCard when storing data? - Also why whatsapp not detecting my SDCard backup? Thank you guys in advance.
  8. Thank you Chil360 for a wonderful usable KITKAT ROM. Keep up the good work, I'm loving this rom each day as I use it.
  9. Thanks Fonz93!!! I think the AOSP contacts does not have the calendar call function to choose the birthday. After flashing the stock contacts it's working perfectly.
  10. Hi fon93, I'm unable to add events on my contact list, If I chose a contact and tried to add he/her birthday I get message saying "Unfortunately, Contacts has stopped." Other Details Huawei G510 0200 [ROM][JB][4.1.1] SlimStock B199 V1.7 Thank You for this wonderful ROM and all the time and effort spent.
  11. Thank you for this wonderful ROM Using "SlimStock B199 V1.4" on Huawei G510-0200, for the past two days, works great, - Faster Then Stock ROM - Has more battery - So far have not experienced any reboots - Love the exposed module All in all great work "fonz93", Thank You!!!
  12. Hey, I hope you have fixed your phone by now, If not try this. Since you have a unlocked boot loader, my guess is to install TWRP using fastboot. Hope it helps someone.
  13. First of all thanks for all the wonderful developers, who are doing a grate job keeping our our phone updated and relevant today. I have only one question, Does this rom have the patch for the Heartbleed bug, that is affecting all android phone running jelly bean 4.1.X
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