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  1. I tried 2.6.0 ROM of Paranoid Android where My Phone Explorer did not work too and went back to 31.10. ICS. Now with clean install speed of this ROM seems to me roughly the same as JB ROM and My Phone Explorer works fine so I will probably stick to this ROM for a while. Still would be interesting to know if My Phone Explorer works correctly with 16.11 JB ROM.
  2. I was using CM9 by KonstaT for several weeks and was very satisfied except for the rather slow speed when applications started. So I have tried this ROM and it seems snappier. Unfortunately I have problems with Wi-Fi connection - I use My Phone Explorer: http://alturl.com/nyw7p for controling my phone from Windows desktop and it does not work correctly with 24.11 JB ROM while it worked fine with ICS. It now gives lots of Wi-Fi connection errors, especially when accessing SD card. Also webpages in Dolphin browser that I use as main web browser are sometimes loading very slowly. Otherwise this ROM works very well and I would like to have it permanently. Does anybody know how to solve Wi-Fi problems?

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